The Eastern Quoll


A quoll escaping from a wire trap.

When we first moved to Olrig in 2005 we had a major problem with brushtail possums destroying our garden. We borrowed a possum trap from a neighbour and tried to catch them for relocation. Every night the bait would be taken and the trap sprung but there would be no animal inside. I set up a surveillance camera with motion detection software. Next day all was revealed. An Eastern Quoll, a marsupial carnivore, was taking the bait and escaping through a tiny hole where the trap had been damaged. The ability of this animal to distort its body in this way is truly remarkable. Perhaps this ability has evolved to help it catch prey in burrows and hollow logs.

The sequence of images, captured shortly before midnight on 30 May 2005, is shown below.



Entering the trap at 23:22:19



The trap closes at 23:22:22



The quoll finds the gap at 23:23:15



Quoll's head poking out at 23:23:16









No quoll - 23:23:22



The escape hole